Friday, November 12, 2010

Samantha's Fantasy Story

Here is a story written by Samantha in 6th grade. Hope you enjoy reading it. I typed it so please forgive all the " and , in the wrong places. I used to be an Ace at grammar but now I am at Ace at Speed Diaper Changes!

Wolf Bane

My name is Violet. I have short black hair and I’m the shortest kid in class. I have a strong will and like to stick up for others and myself. I protest when I have to. Well that’s pretty much me.

I woke up with my alarm beeping so I pressed snooze. My mom came in and said “Violet, I packed everything and you are ready to go girl!” Today was the day I started Wolf Bane boarding school. I got up and got in my uniform. My uniform has a white shirt with small cuffs and a red sweater vest with a broach that says WB with red socks and a purple skirt. I told Reena, my Golden Retriever, that she is brave, sweet, and loyal. She looked at me, got up and went downstairs. I followed.

I got all my stuff in the car and Reena in the trunk. Then we went to school. The castle was made of red brick. The drive there seemed like forever because my mom likes to live far away from really anything.

As we pulled up they lowered the bridge and I gathered my trunk and dog. I took a deep breath, said “bye” to my mom and walked up to the wood door. I heard it clank behind me as I stepped in the boundaries of the school. Reena whimpered. Quite frankly, so did I. We walked in and it was a black brick room with a pearl statue of a school girl with water leaking out of her eyes. There were black candles all over with a dim depressing light. On the floor were four square sets of grates. It was creepy like a sad sort of dungeon. And then I saw my friend Shyly.

Everything changed. The sad statue turned into a smiling girl, knees bent and holding the face of a happy dog. The candles were white and bright and the floor was white and black checkered with no grates. I smiled. Shyly was still there. I dropped my bag and ran to hug her. Shyly has been my best friend since Pups Day Care.

Shyly has long brown hair with very green eyes. She easily gets scared off. She was lonely until we met. We finally managed to pull each other from our arms. It was then I remembered the room changed so I said “Hey Shyly, My…I…Did this...Oh, nothing. I’m just excited to see you!” The thing was I didn’t want Shyly freaking out about me seeing things. I’m sure it was just my eyes playing a trick on me.

Okay, I haven’t exactly told you everything about me. Well I went to Pups Pre School, Dog Elementary, and now Wolf Bane Junior High. I’m a werewolf.

I have been a werewolf since I was born. Actually, so is everyone else in this school. We all learn how to cope with it. We each have a pet dog to keep us company and assist us. When we are a wolf they calm us down so we don’t go around scratching and snarling. None of us change until we turn 11 years old. I am expecting the change soon. Oh, one more thing, an adult werewolf can learn to control changing. They can choose to shift in the day or night. At 11 they can only shift at night.

“So, have you shifted yet?” I said.

“No. You?” she said gently. Then we were interrupted by the jerk.

“So are you girls lost or what? Oh I see reunited again. You girl dogs are always so sensitive!” Then he looked at me “You…you, um, can I talk to you? He said with a sneer. The jerk I am talking to is Roderick Salamander. He is a bully. I know him from last year. Only last year he bullied all the kids and he is from a long line of heritage to this school. Last summer he started secretly meeting with other kids. No one knew what it was about except for the group.

I replied in a snooty voice “AS IF!”

“Alright Vi, then I’ll see you in room #11” Shyly smiled and quietly jogged away.

“Well Roderick, where is your dog?” I again said snottily.

“I don’t believe in that crap” he said with a threatening snarl.

“Oh don’t you?” I still teased.

“Anyway, you saw the true features of the room when you came in right?” Roderick
said sharply.

“Yeah, why?” I said.

He smiled a devilish smile and raised a golden dog statue. Its eyes stared glowing. Suddenly everything became slow and dreamy. I heard an echo telling me to follow Roderick. Then Reena barked in a sharp pitch taking me out of my daze. I looked frightenedly at Roderick. Then I got my trunk and led Reena away.

What was that? What was I thinking? I was definitely mad. It was night already. I ran to room #11. I told Shyly what happened. Shyly and her little poodle, Lulu were listening intently. “Um, you sure it was a dog statue with yellow eyes Vi?” Shyly said concerned.

“Yes, it was…weird.” I almost said scary but I am never scared.

“That was The Mind Dog. He controls minds! I read it in “Dogs to Avoid” she stammered.

“Well, let’s sleep on it (yawn). You know, catch 40 winks” I said.

“Sure” she said as she plopped on her pillow and I quickly copied her.

The next thing I know I am I am waking to Shyly screaming. “What is it Shyly?”

“The dogs are gone!” she said half crying.

“What? No!” We were both exasperated. Then everything went fuzzy. I was panting, my arms were growing hair. Suddenly I was shifting.

I tried to stay calm, thinking about all good things. Without my dog by my side at my first shift, it could be fatal. I could go on a rampage! Instead I found myself being stabbed with a needle by my friend Shyly. The injection contained sleeping medicine.

When I woke up I said bashfully, “Sorry, I was scared.”

“It’s alright. I gave myself a small dose too. It was kind of weird you know, injecting your best friend with a needle full of medicine.” She frankly spoke.

“We have to get those dogs now!” I said half yelling.

“I know” she said. “But where are they and who took them?”

“I know I saw an illusion in the front room. Maybe I can make it happen again. I know Roderick did it! I mean, come on, he told me he didn’t believe in having a dog help you tame your rage!” I said.

“You’re right. Let’s go!” she said nervously. We walked out of our room quietly.

By now everyone was a werewolf and scratching and howling in their rooms. It gave me chills. We saw thousands of dog paw prints leading to the exact spot where in my illusion there were grates in the floor. We pulled some tile away from the floor and there was a hatch!

“Come on!” I yelled as I opened the hatch and jumped down. I was falling for a split second then instinctually kicked and landed on my feet. Boom! Dust swirled around me. “It’s clear. Wait… I see the dogs! Come on! Come!”

Shyly hesitated then jumped and copied my exact move. “Where are the dogs?” she asked. “They aren’t here!”

“I just said that so you would come down!” I said teasingly.

“Arrgh! Violet!” Shyly yelled.

“Why are you girls down so soon?” said a chilling voice behind me. It was Roderick.

“Oh, great! Shyly, you go run and find the dogs while I take care of our little baby brother Roderick!” I said putting my fists up.

“Okay” Shyly said racing down the corridor.

“Let’s roll” Roderick said with a smile.

I then felt my breath hastening and my hair growing and my body shifting. Then as I watched, he turned into a scruffy black wolf. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a very brown wolf. Suddenly a thousand dogs came running down the hall to attack Roderick. Leading the attack was my best friend Shyly, a scrawny white wolf. Roderick was easily defeated thanks to all the school dogs!

“That’s enough!” I barked. “Roderick, or baby brother if you prefer, get us out!”

“Alright, alright. You stomp your paw on the brick with the dragon on it. It’s in the middle.” Roderick cried like a baby.

I did as he said and the floors switched. The bottom floor with the chamber was now the top floor. I shifted back in to my human form along with Shyly and Roderick. As soon as I saw we were all okay I got up and opened all the dormitory doors. The dogs ran to their owners and everyone became calm because they had their dogs with them.

Then all the teachers came out of their wolf forms and told me I did good!
They told me I saved the school from Roderick who was using the mind dog statue to control the teachers and some students.
I looked at Shyly and said “Shyly, thanks! You are the best friend anyone could have!”

Then all of a sudden I get tackled by Reena. She pinned me to the floor and stared licking me. I finally got a chance to get up and hugged her back. Shyly gave Lulu and Reena a dog treat. I realized this year was going to be good.

The End

Monday, August 2, 2010

Samantha is on TV!

Samantha got to be a model for Academy Attire on the TV show Good Things Utah this morning! It was great fun. I took Felicity and we all got to sit in the audience and watch the show. Here is a video of her segment.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Giveaway & Review Blog

Hi Friends.

I have started a Giveaway and Review blog called Solutions Sleuth - A Giveaway & Review Blog. It is about seeking Solutions to everyday problems by searching for offers and products that truly enhance and simplify life instead of filling our landfills.

Go check it out! I hope to be able to give each and every one of you some cool stuff. I have some candy and Cd's coming to giveaway really soon so keep watching.

PLEASE become a follower and tell your friends and family about it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Girls, by Sarah Spilker

I'd like to share my Walgreens Photo Center photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Luke is getting so BIG!

I cannot even believe it has been 8 months since Luke was born! Crazy how time flies. Luke is so much fun. He is learning to crawl. He hasn't quite figures out how to keep his tummy off the ground but he is doing the army crawl and is incredibly fast! Sometimes I set him down and come back in just a minute and he is halfway across the room!

He is a good eater. He likes baby food, unlike the girls. He is a horrible sleeper! He still is waking up 3-4-5 times every night! And just these past two weeks has really fought going down for naps. He will go right to sleep at night when I put him in his cradle and I don't have to hold him for him to nap like I did with Felicity so it isn't quite as hard, but still, I stink at getting babies to sleep well. I checked out 5 books at the library and they all said let them cry it out or just live with it. Well, there is no way I can let him cry and cry and cry until he makes himself sick. I think that is just bad parenting and I'm not gonna do it. I guess I have to live with it.

Luke loves to play with things. He checks out everything and always has to have a toy or a watch or something to play with. He definitely has my tempermant. He will be perfectly fine for a really long time, longer than you would expect, and then...crash. When he has had it, he's had it. And you better get him what he needs now! Other than that, he is a really happy baby! He is so easy to make laugh. The quickest way is to toss him in the air! When he is sleepy, he can't decide whether to laugh or cry so it comes out as a sad laugh. You have to hear it to get what I'm talking about.

We all adore our Lukey Boy!